Scrapbook in Your Livingroom

Want to partake in scrapbooking but don't want to leave home?  Do you live across the country or the world, so making it to my crafting table would be a little difficult?  Or, are you just like me and enjoy scrapbooking leisurely sometimes in your pajamas with a warm cup of tea a kitty curled up in your lap? 
Well, if so, I have something just for you.  Every month, I will have a new themed scrapbook kit that you can purchase.  Each kit contains enough material to make 10 scrapbook pages.  

How it works: 

  • On the 1st of the month, I will post a kit that will be available for purchase.  You then have 3 options.  
  • You can either:
    • 1) purchase the PDF instructions; 
    • 2) purchase the supplies from me through my DBWS and get the PDF instructions for free; or 
    • 3) purchase the full none-assembled kit from me and get the instructions for free. In addition to this, you will gain access to a password protected site where the instructions and images with the step by step directions.  This then means that if you misplace your instructions, you can always find them again on here
What you get in your kit:
  • The scrapbook kit is the most economical as well as time saving for you.
  • You will receive enough material to complete 10 scrapbook, themed layouts.  Each month, there is a new theme that is available for purchase.  In each kit, you receive enough ribbon, embellishments, cardstock, and designers series paper to complete the kit.
  •   You also get any punch out, embossed, or die cut images too.  
  • The only thing that you won't get is stamped images.  Each kit will feature a stamp set, which is available to you through my DBWS at 15% off if you purchase the scrapbook kit.
  1. Just the PDF instructions- it is $5.00 American.  This entitles you to the featured stamp set from my DBWS at 10% off [if you live in Canada].
  2. If you are wanting the kit [where everything is pre-cut, punched out, and all of the ribbon and embellishments are supplied to you- it's $15.00 American plus $10.00. The $10.00 covers the cost of my shipping and handling to get the scrapbook layouts to you.  Handling is the cost of shipping materials.  This entitles you to the featured stamp set at 15% off.
  3. You can order the supplies needed from my DBWS and I will email you out the kit PDF for free.  With this purchase, I will send you the featured stamp set for free.  :)

    Remember, that if you do a minimum order of $200.00 then you do receive hostess benefits, which you then get $20.00 worth of free product in addition to exclusive hostess stamp sets.


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