Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why I have been MIA for so long

First off, to my amazing followers, thank you for still following me . I know that I haven't posted anything for well over a year now. I have wanted to post, but couldn't bring myself to it. Here is the reason why.

Last summer, I started getting intense migraines, which was strange for me considering the only thing that I really ever get a migraine from is the smell of raw molasses. I had one day in and day out, at night, when I would bend over, go outside, etc. it wouldn't go away. I went to the GP a few times and was told allergies or a sinus infection.

In October 2011, Francis and I went to Montreal. On the Monday I could see fine, I remember reading a food network magazine and a card making magazine on the airplane. On the Friday, I couldn't read. Everything in front of me was a blur. I thought that maybe I had a caterct or needed my glasses changed.

It got worse over the next week and so did the pain in my head. I couldn't sleep. On a wednesday night I woke up Francis and told him that I thought something was wrong with my eyes. On Friday night I wad having emergency eye surgery.

When I was 14 years old I was put on preventative eye drops  to prevent the onset of glaucoma. I had pressures in the high 20s. My optic nerve is cupped in shape whereas a normal person has straight nerve. Throughout my teens and early twenties, I was on a number of different drops to prevent glaucoma. Yet my pressurs stayed high and it kept doing damage to my optic nerve.

When I went into sergury my pressures were in the high 50s. A metals hunt was put in my right eye.over the next following months, I had two more serguries in my left eye.

The aftermath.

I am now legally blind in both eyes. It's my venter part of my eye that is fuzzy, but I have clear vision in the rest of my sight. I cannot drive and need to magnify everything to read. I use Apple products, the ipad 3 is amazing in what it does for me. My iPhone lets me read too and SERI and voice over make texting and emailing possible. The ipad makes card making possible with magnification. We have a spare 40" tv that we are setting up to use as a giant screen for me.

Oh and we moved too. We now live in Quesnel British Columbia. My craft room is huge. Expect pictures. :)

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  1. Hi heather. I am grateful that you were courageous enough to post about your experience. I hope that you feel settled in the new place soon and that you continue finding ways to make stamping work. I wish you the best. We miss you on scs demo side. Hope you can join us again if you wish. Take gentle care. Meg